Many poker games like qiu qiu online are great fun for many as they facilitate small stakes. However, they also emerge as potentially lucrative beasts as they can really attract a huge crowd and your chances of winning get real slim. Each and everybody is optimistic that their petty investments would yield them rich dividends. Thus, we highlight some strategy tips for you that would help you become successful while playing small stakes.

Brace yourself for a long session

In comparison to high-stakes games, most low stakes games take several hours to complete. Thus, you need to sharpen your patience skills and be prepared for the long haul. The game can even last for over twelve hours. Hence you need to prepare accordingly and even forego your sleep occasionally if going for the kill.

Prepare yourself for some crazy swings

Because of an infinite number of opponents placing their bets in small stakes games, their variance is huge. You need to tackle each opponent, and some can be impossible to put on a hand. Even though they are predominantly recreational players, some might call your raises with some ridiculous holdings, and thus the outcome of the game can go highly unpredictable. The situation is profitable for you in the long run, but your immediate scenario can worsen. Thus, you need to be prepared with extra and abundant bankrolls as your backup during trying times. The recommended amount is about 200-300 times of your average stake.

Keep it simple

You must never get carried away at any point of the game and try to play an elaborate bluff. This could well turn out to be your downfall. Most players are focused only on the cards in their hands and would fail to recognize your specific hand. Thus, you stand better chances of winning by playing ‘ABC poker’.

These tips would take your quest steps ahead.


Joshua Morkal

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