The concept of a lottery syndicate is very simple. You become a member of a syndicate, by application or by invitation, sign up, and pay your membership. Once you win, the amount will be divided among the members of the syndicate. Whether it is equally divided or based on proportion, it is up to the rules set by the syndicate before you join.

Lottery size

The first thing you need to know is about the lottery size. The group will contribute to buying more entries for a lottery draw, but everyone in the team will also get a share if the numbers end up winning. Therefore, it helps to only have less than 50 members in one syndicate. This is big enough to give the group more purchasing power, but not too many that the winning amount becomes less impactful when divided.

Imagine if your group has won £50m. This is a huge amount but will start becoming smaller if there are around 200 in one syndicate. If there are 50 of you, when divided, you will still get £1m. The amount may not be fixed, but it is still a huge amount. It is better than playing individually where you could end up not winning anything at all.

Claiming winnings

To claim the amount that you have won, you just have to log in and check your account. You don’t even have to watch as the results are revealed each week. You will know that you won because your account will have grown from the last time that you checked. You can also dispute the result if you think you deserve more. Your concerns will be addressed in due time. Just be familiar with the rules on addressing disputes.

Stay positive

Joining a lottery syndicate like e-luk lottery does not guarantee a win. You could still end up with nothing after months of playing; it is just a part of the game. There are literally thousands of possible combinations in every draw. You can’t expect to just magically win it all.

Regardless, you need to remain optimistic. Check out an e-luk review if you are uncertain of the syndicate. You will know what other people think about it, especially those who have already become a member.

Joining a lottery syndicate can be fun. You must know the details of joining and how to get the amount when you win. However, never forget that the ultimate goal is to have fun. As long as you are happy with the group and you think you are given your fair share, keep your membership. Besides, not all lottery syndicates accept anyone. If you are given the chance, make the most out of it.


Joshua Morkal

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